Future of Musical Instrument Manufacturing @Ponoko @Kickstarter #kyub

The Kyub kickstarter is the cutting edge blueprint for manufacturing musical instruments.

Presellling and Idea Validation

By using kickstarter, the Kyub team is able to see if there is a market for their product. The Kyub is a way cool esoteric MIDI controller, that is beloved by a small group of people. Kickstarter allows the team to test the viability of the product before making more devices, and assembling additional product support resources.

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Shoving a Kickstarter Down Your Throat #Mogees

Kickstarter win! When somebody is literally taking your kickstarter project and shoving it down their own throat,  you have reached your audience!

We  predicted that Mogees would succeed with their mighty kickstarter, but holy cow, they smashed their target goal. There are two days left to get your order in. Mogees is the music app to have for your mobile phone.

Mogees has raised to nearly 90 UK pounds which would put them near the top of our all time kickstarter musical instruments list.

Go watch more videos of people using the Mogees in amazing ways !

No Shortcuts to Quality

Beautiful musical instruments are timeless, and a few posts reminded us that there are no shortcuts to quality. Little details have the unique ability to amaze in both directions.

These reinforcements by Esq Guitars are super classy are should be celebrated. What makes an instrument go from Good to Great? MBAs study companies that grow contagious pockets of greatness. But for the craftsman, sharing small trade secrets is the key.

Looking Through The Lens Backwards: Great to Good

This provocative video compares a Gibson guitar to an imitation from China. Most youtube reviewers comparing imitation guitars aren’t as tough, but this guy colorfully explains how the little things making a Gibson guitar a special instrument, and why the imitation is rubbish.

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Sweet Vibrations on your Phone

Remember the last time a doctor listened to your heart with a stethoscope? Well, imagine bringing that stethoscope for a walk, listening to objects on the street, and playing the results through your iPhone/Android device.


What if  you built that idea years ago? That idea was only your starting point, and afterwards, you worked to constantly improve it every day. Along this journey of invention, you crossed paths with some of the greatest musical minds of our generation, and convinced them to join your team.

This is how you end up with a Kickstarter project like this:

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Breaking Down the Longest Recorded Reverb Ever @trevor_cox

Here is a mathematical breakdown of the longest recorded reverb every recorded. A gunshot was recorded inside a fuel storage tank by Professor Cox in Scotland to shatter the record. The reverb lasted for 75 seconds.

The fuel storage facility shown to the right, and a mini photo tour are available at this BBC article.

‘I wanted to shout with astonishment, but I had to remain silent so as not to ruin the recording.’
–From Daily Post Interview

Here is a booming and thundersous sample  of the sound that could become your cellphone text message ring. Hit play and continue reading.
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How Arthur Ganson Changed the Way I look at Musical Instruments

Everybody must visit the sculptures at MIT Museum. I go once a year to reconnect with the work of Arthur Ganson. New ideas are born. This is one of the sculptors / inventors / artists who inspired this site to exist. There is an exhibit called 5000 Moving Parts which brings more kinetic sculptures to Cambridge. Go see it!

Image from Athur Gansons website.

Does Invention Come From Observation or Conversation?
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