Overview of Instrument Makers Around WordPress

Brilliant instrument makers out here on wordpress. Changing the shape of all kinds of wood, and broadcasting greatness from their studious.

Instrument builder Christopher Martyn has a few years worth of great photos – joints, clavichords, violins and more. His blog, finelystrung is simply awesome.

Bernie Tusko gets into the Nuts and Bolts of Nuts and Bolts.

Letters from Cremona is a diary of Violin making in Italy by Christopher Kurtz.

Silverton guitars photos the polishing process.

Bruno Guastalla posts his violin making photos.

Richard Nice makes ‘Nice Guitars’ and shows how to clamp guitars the nice way.
EDIT – More of his thoughts on dremels, finishing, book reviews, and more… http://richardniceguitars.blogspot.com/

Michael Wood profiles Simon Ambridge with a video of the steps needed to make a guitar.

Violin maker Stephen Churhchill shares some excerpts from “Violin Making: As it Was…”

Neat Piano key optical sensor coming out of the University of Maine.