Keyed Monochord – Acoustic Modular Stringed Instrument

A look at some photos and video from the keyed monochord as part of the Acoustic Modular Stringed Instrument, wanted to finish this up before 2014 came to a close.

The module works as a stand-alone keyed monochord. It has a bottom plate & end plates where you can attach strings. Also, the octaves are independent and can be dropped into the acoustic modular stringed instrument.  The design started off with a cardboard prototype. After some minor corrections, a  wooden version was produced.

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Go Help Fund Don Buchla Documentary! by@ClarityDocs

Thundersticks Ho! Or rather… Thunderlighting Away!

Clarify films is making a film a Don Buchla. Doc Buchla is one of the pioneers of electronic musical instruments. A true legend who not only helped spawn a generation of modular synthesizers, but also pushed the boundaries of what electronic music could be. And yes, his products are still for sale!

Don Buchla Creation

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