So, what happened to all those kickstarter music instruments?

Kickstarter created a huge buzz when it was launched. Twice, we wrote articles on kickstarter projects

Let’s see what happened to all these projects five years later. Please leave a comment if you have more updates, or thoughts on what makes a project successful.

Here we go…

Over one million dollars raised. Artiphon captures the essence of guitar, piano and even violin through a combination of a slick hardware interface and a smartphone. Gorgeous woodworking and years of iterative design gave birth to an instant classic.

2022: The kickstater launched a sucessful music instrument company with a line of multiple instruments. These items are still for sale.

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Who else wants new musical instruments?

Win $10,000. The king of music instrument competitions is out again. Get your entrees ready for Guthman 2014. Georgia Tech’s annual competition to make music instruments.  Guthman 2012 inspired the Atlantic to write this piece, “Why is it so hard for new musical instruments to catch on?”

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Why we support @instrumentsLab #kickstarter Musical Instrument

Moving beyond the Magnetic Resonator Piano, Andrew Macpherson joined a team to make Touchkeys, a kickstarter project that brings  multi-touch add-on to keyboard controllers.  Touchkeys allows every key on a MIDI controller to have individual X-Y location mapped on the keys. Keyboardists will instantly become more expressive and creative with this add on. Here at, we think this will be a historic project.

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