Work is Redemptive – Dehradun Guitar Company

Take a moment to look at this guitar making shop in foothills of the Himilayas. The 2 minute video is a great story about the transformational qualities of art and music. The Dehradun guitar company was formed to provide work, create jobs and build community.

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No Shortcuts to Quality

Beautiful musical instruments are timeless, and a few posts reminded us that there are no shortcuts to quality. Little details have the unique ability to amaze in both directions.

These reinforcements by Esq Guitars are super classy are should be celebrated. What makes an instrument go from Good to Great? MBAs study companies that grow contagious pockets of greatness. But for the craftsman, sharing small trade secrets is the key.

Looking Through The Lens Backwards: Great to Good

This provocative video compares a Gibson guitar to an imitation from China. Most youtube reviewers comparing imitation guitars aren’t as tough, but this guy colorfully explains how the little things making a Gibson guitar a special instrument, and why the imitation is rubbish.

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Here’s How Carbon Fiber Makes Guitars Better

Carbon fiber musical instruments are coming to the music stores. But do they belong in music studio, and should this material be in your woodshop workshop. Composite materials carry claims of legendary lightness and strength. Violin bows and violin cases now come in carbon fiber. Shapechanginginstruments wanted to know how craftsmen are using carbon fiber in their musical instruments.

Image from John Hiller.

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Best Musical Instruments on WordPress

Holidays are a good time to catch up with the family. Here at it was a time to look around our wordpress family to see what types of musical instruments people are making. Guitar makers continue to post beautiful photos that make you say ‘Wow’

RDS Guitars has a nice restoration project going with an acoustic guitar.

Ayers guitar is cranking out instruments from his shop. Including this gem of an acoustic guitar.

James Radcliffe types up a piece about why he makes music.

Material Alchemy posts his latest beautiful gutiars

LA String player provides a quick summary of violin acoustics.

5 things to look for when buying a ukelele

Peach Tree started a series on guitar luthiers

Try tunning your A-String to 432 Hz instead of 440 Hz.

This origami bass is tremendous. Somebody please 3D print this thing!

RimbaTubes rocks out to PVC tube jam.

Finally, check out the world of Black Midi. 3-minute midi songs with over 100k notes. Keep making beautiful things in upcoming year. We are still impressed with our last trip circumnavigating the world of music makers on wordpress.