Follow up on Boston Guitar Festival 2013

The range that virtuoso musicians extract from a guitar continues to.

Check out some youtube of Steve Cowan who won the competition at Boston Guitarfest. The variation he extracts from the guitar gets lost in YouTube translation. But from one instrument, he gets incredibly smooth mellow tones that sustain, harsh buzz tones, tight fingered runs, powerful tones and much more.

Steve Cowen performs Alberto Ginistera.

Instrument makers at the festival included:

Jeremy Clark of 52 instruments who has been making guitars for about 7 years.

Joreon Hillhorst who had unique struts and bracing in his guitar. His designs are big in power and intensity.

Instrument Maker: Chris Vaisvil ( @vaisvil ) DIY Resourcefulness

Far too much has been written on Luthiers trying to recreate the work of Stradivarius. But what about the instruments along the way and the community of aspiring makers? Every maker has a unique path from novice to expert, but we should mention
spots along the whole journey.

Chris Vaisvil blogs about his instruments. Taking a design approach that mirrors Civil Engineering, these are instruments are built on raw functionality, minimal costa and completeness. He incorporates whatever is readily accessible to him, spend 20 bucks and make a finished product. Rough edges. Raw finish. Awesome.

Wine Box ZitherWine Box Zither
Wood Stick Guitar