Sweet Vibrations on your Phone

Remember the last time a doctor listened to your heart with a stethoscope? Well, imagine bringing that stethoscope for a walk, listening to objects on the street, and playing the results through your iPhone/Android device.


What if  you built that idea years ago? That idea was only your starting point, and afterwards, you worked to constantly improve it every day. Along this journey of invention, you crossed paths with some of the greatest musical minds of our generation, and convinced them to join your team.

This is how you end up with a Kickstarter project like this:

The video makes a great pitch for their kickstarter project. Mogees is a vibration sensor and app for your iPhone/Android. The device senses vibrations and uses that data to control electronic sounds.

Here are a few reasons why Mogees will win.

Do It Yourself is Over. Do It With Others is Now! 

The legendary Dave Kusek (MIDI pioneer and Synare Snare Inventor ) was the first place we saw DIWO. Do it With Others. For musicians/artists to succeed they need to team up with other people. Malcolm Gladwell writes that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. Well, that makes it nearly impossible to be an expert in multiple areas. Think about all the skills needed to make this product possible: design, manufacturing, marketing, software development, customer relations.

Luckily Skillfully, Bruno has assembled a brilliant team. He is working with David Zicarelli. A living legend. David invented Max/MSP  a long time ago. For over 40 years, he has been spreading electronic music composition.

The music in the  video is  by Plaid,  supported by legendary warp records.

This project has a very solid team. Collaboration FTW!

1,000 True Fans

For years, people have said – for artists to live/be self supportive, they need to find 1,000 true fans. This idea has resonated around the music scene, maker scene and etsy. Staying afloat is not about building page views, but by driving engagement. Artists new to find ways to connect with fans people who appreciate their work, value the relationship and are compelled to contribute to success.

Bruno developed the Mogees over two years ago with support from the legendary musical institution IRCAM. It won Laval Award, has been featured tons of blogs including Wired UK and MIT Technology Review. He has taken the device around the world while meeting people  to support and promote the device.  The tentacles of Mogees reaches far and wide. He should have the connections and support to get the 1,000 true fans needed to launch this project.

Go Big or Go Home

The announcers at the Olympics often boast this competitor is “Going for Broke.” If you are going to put it all on the line, make sure the results are worthwhile.

Coming up with new physical products is about getting big releases. This is essential for two reasons. One, if you win your kickstarter, do something that lets your team dedicate themselves to the project full time, so you can put maximum effort into it. Secondly, manufacturing costs are related to scale. Increase production run size and costs go down significantly.

Liking the Kickstarter Trend

We love seeing artists realize their innovative musical ideas. Its rare to see a new artist hit kickstarter with so much momentum on their first project, and we are rooting for this project to succeed. We wrote about the 10 best musical instrument kickstarters of all time, and why we supported the touchkeys kickstarter project. We like to help artists give birth to musical innovation happen, and the mogees is no exception. Go Support the Mogees kickstarter!

Be Legendary.


3 thoughts on “Sweet Vibrations on your Phone

  1. Hi there – thanks for a lovely article, however it’s Bruno not Brian !

    Oh, and watch this space for a big announcement of someone else who’s played Mogees – coming soon.

    All the best

    The Mogees Team

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