Sound Expression with Just A Pick

So much expression is available from your finger tips. Came across this great summary:

Pick Shape
Rounder Striking Area
More overtone damping
Warmer, deeper sound

More Pointed Shape
Less dampening of high frequency overtones
More precise note definition with faster response

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How Arthur Ganson Changed the Way I look at Musical Instruments

Everybody must visit the sculptures at MIT Museum. I go once a year to reconnect with the work of Arthur Ganson. New ideas are born. This is one of the sculptors / inventors / artists who inspired this site to exist. There is an exhibit called 5000 Moving Parts which brings more kinetic sculptures to Cambridge. Go see it!

Image from Athur Gansons website.

Does Invention Come From Observation or Conversation?
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Top Posts of 2013 and Opportunities for 2014

Here is a look back at what our readers enjoyed the most in 2013.

Top Ten Most Funded Kickstarter Musical Instruments
What started as a research project turned into our most popular page. People wanted to what types of new musical instruments are being invented, and how they are getting launched as new business ventures. Our biggest surprise, was seeing companies return to kickstarter to launch their second instrument.

Top 10ish Laser Cut Musical Instruments
A look into manufacturing by lasercutting. Luthiers remain skeptical remain about the quality of lasercut soundboards, but for designing rosettes and other accessories, it is an accepted practice. And who doesn’t love a record cut from wood instead of vinyl.
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Learning to Play the Mandolin Better

Playing the mandolin is now my favorite hobby. I write a lot about making musical instruments, but the end goal of it all is making music in a meaningful way. Learning the mandolin has been a lot of fun, and allowed me to reconnect with music in ways I never even imaged. My wife sang along to Christmas carols, I started learning songs by ear and discovering new genres. It re-energized my musical pursuits, and gave back way more energy than I put in.

Image via The Black Apple

I wanted to share my roadpath for learning the Mandolin. My goal with this post is to transform your thinking about learning the mandolin, share my favorite resources, and ask your feedbacks for tips to become a better Mandolin player.

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Here’s How Carbon Fiber Makes Guitars Better

Carbon fiber musical instruments are coming to the music stores. But do they belong in music studio, and should this material be in your woodshop workshop. Composite materials carry claims of legendary lightness and strength. Violin bows and violin cases now come in carbon fiber. Shapechanginginstruments wanted to know how craftsmen are using carbon fiber in their musical instruments.

Image from John Hiller.

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