Top Posts of 2013 and Opportunities for 2014

Here is a look back at what our readers enjoyed the most in 2013.

Top Ten Most Funded Kickstarter Musical Instruments
What started as a research project turned into our most popular page. People wanted to what types of new musical instruments are being invented, and how they are getting launched as new business ventures. Our biggest surprise, was seeing companies return to kickstarter to launch their second instrument.

Top 10ish Laser Cut Musical Instruments
A look into manufacturing by lasercutting. Luthiers remain skeptical remain about the quality of lasercut soundboards, but for designing rosettes and other accessories, it is an accepted practice. And who doesn’t love a record cut from wood instead of vinyl.

Turn Your Winning Musical Instrument Idea into 5,000 Dollars
The Margaret Guthman competition offers big prizes, and helps promote interest in designing new musical instruments.

Acoustic Modular String Instrument
A quick peek inside of our music labs.

Top 3D Printed Musical Instruments
Great sounding instruments are being developed with this upcoming manufacturing technique.

Lesser Known Fields of Acoustics
Marine Bioacoustics, Thermoacoustics and more !

PVC Trombone
People searching on how to build own trombone. Usually we recommend the DIY approach, but in this case, we suggest otherwise.

Best Holiday Gifts for Musicians
Some suggestions for things to give to others. (or yourself)


There is a temporary position available in our research project “3DMIN – Design, Developement, and Dissimination of New Musical Instruments” (33 months). Basic-level knowledge of German is a prerequisite for this position. Email the contacts on this page for more details.

The Awesome Foundation is awesomely giving out awesome grants of $1000 to promote awesomeness.

Artists in Australian and Canadian artists can apply for a two-months residency at one of the following:

IMPAKT, Utrecht, Netherlands
Bandits Mages, Bourges, France
FACT, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Werkleitz Centre for Media Arts in Halle, Germany
in conjunction with transmediale, Berlin

European artists can apply for a two-months (in special cases up to 3-months residency at one of the following:

Queensland University of Technology (QUT), QUT Precinct, Brisbane
Experimenta Biennial of Media Art in Melbourne
University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Creativity and Cognition Studios
Productions Réalisations Indépendantes de Montréal (PRIM)
OBORO, Montréal
Images Festival, Toronto


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