Best Kickstarter Musical Instruments

Crowdfunded musical instruments keep impressing. Innovators are taking novel concepts to the market faster than ever. We’ve assembled a new list of 10 great projects that raised over two million dollars combined. This list surpasses our previous, and now outdated, top ten musical instruments on kickdstarter.

Over one million dollars raised. Artiphon captures the essence of guitar, piano and even violin through a combination of a slick hardware interface and a smartphone. Gorgeous woodworking and years of iterative design gave birth to an instant classic.

1,641 backers helped launch this vibration based on controller for your phone.Even we wrote a nice review on it.

Proves there is hope for MIDI based digital synths.A kickass stand-alone digital modular synthesizer.

The Motion Synth
$75,000. Turn your iphone into a motion controlled synthesizer. Now excepting orders at

Midi controller jacket combined with the fashion of DJ Culture. $77,002.

A clever piano learning system & game.

Skinny jeans crossed with a drum machine raises $74,236. The product even made an appearance on Shark Tank that will leave you speechless.

Voice controlled MIDI controller. Try the beta at

A modular designed guitar led to a $19k successful kickstarter campaign. Solid. Well executed concept.

A high-end luthier combines with a story-teller to make a documentary and sell some beautiful instruments.


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