Go Help Fund Don Buchla Documentary! by@ClarityDocs

Thundersticks Ho! Or rather… Thunderlighting Away!

Clarify films is making a film a Don Buchla. Doc Buchla is one of the pioneers of electronic musical instruments. A true legend who not only helped spawn a generation of modular synthesizers, but also pushed the boundaries of what electronic music could be. And yes, his products are still for sale!

Don Buchla Creation

He came close to redefining how we change the shape of sounds, and pushed the limits of his technology. But alas, his ideas never made it far outside the academic world. And, it would be a shame if his ideas got lost. Future designers should build from his foundation, and not start over at ground zero. Help clarity films with on kickstarter project to make this documentary, so the next generation of synth designers can move music to even higher grounds.


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