Workshop Dec 2 and 9: Make an Electronic Musical Instrument

From Dorkbot Boston…

Building an Electronic Musical Instrument
A 2-part workshop with Jason Sanford and Zachary Katz 119 Gallery, 119 Chelmsford St, Lowell

    December 2 and 9, 2012, 1-5 PM

Learn to build your own electronic musical instrument! No previous experience necessary. In the first session, we will learn essential techniques including how to read a circuit diagram, breadboarding, soldering, and troubleshooting.

In the second session, we will consider interface design and fabricationtechniques. How will your instrument be played? Keyboard? Dials? Foot stomping? Consideration will be given to playability and durability. Put your device in a box and get ready to make music!

    Teaching and materials fee: $50.

Jason makes and plays one-of-a-kind musical instruments with Bostonavant-noise-rock band Neptune. Both Zach and Jason teach at the ongoing salon-style event “Electronic Projects Night.” They also co-teach at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. Jason has taught electronics and sound at the Mass. College of Art and the Rhode Island School of Design.


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