Inventing Musical Instruments For 30 Years: Keith McMillen

Keith McMillen is the founded Keith Millen Instruments about 7 years ago and it now has about 15 members. Keith made his name in the music invention and instrument making industry with his innovative and interesting creations. His music instrument inventions give the artist of today inspiration and a more advance and dynamic way of self expression. New technology inspires him and his team to explore new dimensions to showcase the wonders of music.

Keith has been into music technology for about 30 years already. He started at 1979 with Zeta Music. His desire to showcase a more interactive and modern music instrument has lead to his numerous design innovations. His creativity has paved way to creating a new market for music instrument design. Through the years he has founded G-WIZ which is a research and development laboratory for Gibson Guitars. Several years after that, he founded Octiv Inc. which focuses on the problems regarding inconsistent audio quality. He later on sold Octiv Inc. and went on to fund BEAM Foundation’s operations. One of his precious music inventions may be the MAPPS. This is described as “an integrated computer composition, notation and performance system”.

Some of his creations focus on guitars, violin, audio mixers, loopers, foot controllers and polyphonic string instruments. He invented the first Programmable audio mixer, fastest midi guitar, first multi touch foot controller and the only polyphonic string instrument with computer interface.


Quneo has the same size that of an ipad has more power compared to other MIDI controllers in the market. It can make beats, remix and launch music clips. Customizable and easy to use, Quneo works with more than 30 music software programs that is widely available nowadays. According to KMI’s website, technical specification of Quneo include a USB Cable and multi touch pad controller. It weighs 14oz, with width of 9.5 inches, height of 0.3 inches and depth of 7.3 inches. Each pad is 1.2 x 1.2 inches. This is also USB port powered.

Zeta Violin

A Zeta Violin is one of the most popular electric violins. Every violin player wants to get their own. Though very pricey, every violin player knows it’s worth every penny. This music instrument is developed by Zeta Music and eventually it changes the history for electronic violins. This precious work of art must always be handles with care because of its shape.

In 30 years, Keith McMillen have provided numerous innovations in the instrument making industry. Music invention is not an easy path to take. It requires overflowing creativity, resourcefulness and patience. His passion and dedication to his craft has led him to being a world famous Instrument maker. This just proves that years of experience and continuous learning never fails to help in creating the most wondrous inventions the world get to see.

Music enhances our everyday lives. It gives life to our most precious moments and gives comfort in our lowest moments. People like Keith McMillen surely help in keeping the music industry fresh and alive. His contributions to the industry have paved way for artists to create more interesting and unique musical pieces that we all enjoy today.

Editor: This guest post was written by Shawn who also runs usa_writers.


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