PVC Trombone

Learn how to make your own slide trombone from PVC. The DIY steps to create your own musical instrument are outlined and easy to follow. The materials are readily available and soon you can be playing on your own invention.

Day One: Construction
Here is a link to the project details on instructables. The tutorial is great. A trip to hardware store will set you back between $30 and $70 to buy all the materials. A saw and a drill will also be required for the assembly, and may add to your budget. Including the time it takes to get to the store, the whole thing can easily be built in a day. With a bit of practice, you will be making your own sounds. But what happens next?

Day Two: Trash (Unfortunately)
After the instrument is completed, its enjoyment decreases rapidly. In short, this instrument won’t inspire an upcoming musician enough to be good at playing it. The timbre is sounds like a truck horn in a washing machine. The slide isn’t very good. The instrument is poorly balanced. Existing trombone players might be able to get some kicks of it, but a novice will never progress. Greenpeace says PVC material is one of the most toxic materials on the planet. Why would you want to add more of that to our landfills? Or put in your mouth? Please think twice before making this project.

Musician or Maker?






There are many alternatives out there, for a beginner the best is the plastic trombone or a beginner trombone. Take advantage of all the time that was put into developing a good sounding instrument, that plays well, provides some durability. Its even lighter than existing trombones, which helps for longer sets or parades. Professional musicians have taken this instrument concept from its first initial design such that the plastic trombone has grown into something that is fun to play. And hey arguably, its even fashionable. Its available in red, green, blue and purple.

Conclusion: Get One to Jam
We love DIY music projects, but recommend skipping this one. In the end, the plastic trombone will be something that costs almost the same as making one, but leaves you with an instrument that will inspire you to practice, to play, and eventually, to go make some great music with other people.



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