Best Holiday Gifts for Musicians

Here are the best holiday gifts for musicians this winter

Mix Tape 

Whether you upload a mix to soundcloud, or queue some tracks in iTunes and burn a CD – making a mixtape is a timeless art that is always appreciated. Personal and unique, the mixtape allows you to share your musical tastes, and get your friends to start rocking some good music for a change. Better yet, line up your favorite songs, add an intro and distribute it with your holiday cards.

Little Bits – Sound Learning Toys

Like legos for musicians (and we all love legos!) These building blocks create a new paradigm for sound creation. See our recent post for videos and more details.

Loog Guitar – Guitar Kit for Kids

Born as a kickstarter project (which we just added to our list of top ten most funded kickstarter musical instruments) , this is kid-size guitar cranks out some serious sounds. It is available as an acoustic and electronic version.

Lush One – Modular Synthesizer Kit
Most synthesizer fans dream of owning a modular synth. This is the cheapest modular synth on the planet, and it packs a serious punch. Granted, somebody will need to heat up the soldering iron to put it together, but the results at this price are top notch.

Mandolin for Dummies – Start Jamming

Learn how to play that Mandolin. The little stringed instrument that provides a big punch. This book provides exercises for learning different chords and playing techniques. This book allows you to quickly advance past the novice and beginner stages, and become a solid player. All of the audio samples for this book are available on-line as well.

Ebow or Guitar Slide

Perfect stocking stuffer. These simple accessories allow stringed instrument plays to get new tones and techniques out of their existing musical instruments. The Ebow is a “Electronic Bow” that creates a magnetic field which can be used to play metallic strings. The guitar slide is a glass cylinder that can slide up and down the neck of your guitar, mandolin or Ukelin to create a sweet tang.

Cigar Box Guitar from Ebay

Great instruments  are available as assembled or as kits. Or get one for yourself, make it, and then give it as a gift. People are rocking these things on etsy and youtube as well.

How Music Works – David Byrne

Why does music exist? And how do we understand, make it, intake it and absorb it. This  best seller dives deeper into that question than ever before. David Byrne was most famously in the Talking Heads. Anyone at all interested in music will find something to like, (and hate) about this book. But more to like.

Folding Ukelele

For the traveller, this is a nifty laster cut design to take a Ukelele where ever you go.  Head over to Ponoko, and have this device custom made just for you. We love this laser cut folding Ukelele. Who knows maybe this will inspire an entry into next years top laser cut musical instruments.


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